Southern California Chapter

Robin is a founding member and visionary of Women Organizing Women, Inc, a business owner, Dessert chef and Director of Culinary for Oak Grove Culinary Creations. Robin is a social entrepreneur who believes in utilizing all platforms to further the gospel of Jesus Christ. Robin has a passion to assist other women who have the desire to become entrepreneurs, especially those who are less fortunate.

Ida is a native of Arkansas, and the wife of Marvin Bell, (42 yrs) a mother of four with four grandchildren. She has been a member of The View Church for 12 years, and currently holds the position of Co-chairman of the Board of Directors. Prior, she held the position of Corporate secretary for three years. She was a Chartered member of True Fellowship Baptist Church in Los Angeles California where she held the position of Chief Financial Officer for 36 years.

She attended Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City Oklahoma where she majored in psychology with a minor in sociology and biblical teaching. Ida has been a member of Bible Study Fellowship an international and-international.

Bible study for the past 25 years where she has had the privilege of teaching God's word, training leaders, leading group members and shepherding.

Ida loves to cook, bake, preserve different foods, entertain, decorate her home and care for those in need. But most importantly she loves the Lord and her goal is to become more like Jesus as she journeys through this life.

Get to know a little more about Ida as she shares her thoughts on WOW and how we can be better citizens in God's Kingdom here:

Korla P. Burbank-Ivey was called to “advance the kingdom of God ‘’ at a very young age. The ministerial epithet that she tenaciously clings to, is that which has been ascribed to David- passionately pursuing to be a “woman after God’s own heart”. Striving towards excellence in faithful stewardship; serving and engaging GOD’S people with dignity, respect and inclusivity is the hallmark of her character. Korla’s heart is filled with an overwhelming, “exuberant joy” when she tangibly witnesses the body of Christ, operating authentically in love, and being intentional and diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

Teaching Sunday School for years became the platform of spiritual preparation and refinement; challenged by an Elder who would weekly attend the class, posing questions, gently but lovingly; encouraging Korla to extract and expound upon the practical life -application principles, concealed in the text. This challenge became a defining component of ministry; reinforcing the profound truth that “Our spirituality must be translated from a theoretical, intellectual knowledge to practical life-application: daily, seeking to live a life congruent with the scriptures; diligently, seeking God for Biblical understanding, and ultimately, relying on the Holy Spirit’s enablement, as we yield wholehearted and unreservedly to the King of Glory.

Coupled with Sunday School, Korla’s involvement, as a leader/student , was cemented in Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) for 20+ years; BSF has solidified the importance of living out the Word of God, practically. BSF in an international study which focuses on life application principles within the framework of studying a 9 month curriculum of both, the Old and New Testaments. Korla has an intense love and affection for Women’s Ministry, as women reflect the awesome attributes of God via their emotional composition and instinctual nurturing behavior.

After 40 years of service to the Kingdom, Korla remains anchored in the Lord who continues to be her joyful delight, and the object of her pleasure and affection. Korla’s aim is to be a fragrant aroma to God and His people as she MAGNIFIES GOD while prayerfully petitioning God, to be an instrument and vessel of honor, to MATURE HIS PEOPLE through teaching and reflecting His GRACE. It is such a profound privilege to be positioned to share the UNADULTERATED, INCORRUPTIBLE, IMPERISHABLE, UNFAILING, INDESTRUCTIBLE, WORD OF GOD to ADVANCE GOD’S KINGDOM AGENDA.

I am humbled and honored.