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Have you been praying to God about divinely connecting you with “Like Minded” Christian women? Christian Women who are making an impression of Christ Jesus in their Homes, Churches, Communities, State, United States, and the World?

Well, God has answered your prayer! We are so excited to meet with you, pray with you, and support you in your purpose for His Glory!



Acts 2:36-42



Matthew 18:20



Titus 2:3-5

WOW Mission

Women Organizing Women is a Christian nonprofit organization whose mission expands over a thirty year period. We provide support to other nonprofits and ministries as we partner through community outreach and service to populations that may be at- risk, poverty stricken or individuals who have sustained abuse or neglect.

WOW Overview

The organization was formed by women that were concerned about their community. Believing God’s best for HIS People, we decided to do the work. Today we stand stronger than ever on a brand-new platform, assisting other women in organizing their communities throughout the U.S., Africa, and India as we stand strong in believing God’s best for our home city.

Membership Benefits

Benefits Personal Business Chapter
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