Micro Business Grant for Minority Women

Black Women Owned Business Grant

2024 Lydia Grant

In honor of Black History Month, The Lydia Project is offering a Grant for $500 to a Black Owned Business!

To Qualify for this grant opportunity you must:

  • Business must be established in San Diego, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino County
  • For profit businesses only
  • African American
  • 100% ownership of the business is a Woman
  • Must join the Lydia Marketplace group and invite 9 friends to join

Registration opens January 1st thru February 29, 2024

Announcement of the winner will be announced @ the Lydia Marketplace Coffee and Devotion, 41923 2nd street, ste. 104, Oak Grove Culinary Creations on 3/16/24.

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Lydia Marketplace prayer

Heavenly Father, Most High, You reign sovereign over the kingdoms of men, bestowing authority as You see fit. I acknowledge Your supreme rule and the reality that Heaven governs all. In this understanding, I commit to turning away from my sins and embracing righteousness. This pursuit of righteousness is rooted in my acceptance of Jesus Christ as the Lord of my life and of my business endeavors.

In Your grace, I aspire to show mercy to the poor, acting out of genuine humility. May this practice contribute to the extension of my prosperity, always recognizing that apart from You, I am nothing. My business, my reputation, and my achievements are grounded in You and exist because of You.

With my eyes lifted to Heaven, I seek wisdom and understanding through prayer. I honor and praise You, Most High, for You are the eternal God, whose dominion is everlasting and whose kingdom endures from generation to generation. In Your vast creation, all the earth’s inhabitants and their worldly pursuits are insignificant compared to Your majesty. Therefore, I surrender my marketing strategies and networking efforts to Your divine will, acknowledging that You exercise Your will in the heavenly realms and among the people of the earth. No one can challenge Your authority or question Your deeds.

Lord, if I have erred in my thoughts, actions, or intentions, I beseech You to guide me back to righteous thinking. Let the glory and success of my business serve as a testament to Your greatness, directing all praise and honor to You. Clothe me in Your splendor, and let my relationships with employees, vendors, and clients reflect Your wisdom and guidance.

I pray for restoration and ask that You bestow upon me a spirit of excellent majesty. I now praise, extol, and honor You, King of heaven, whose works are truth and whose paths are justice. You are the righteous judge who humbles the proud. Under Your supreme authority, I humbly submit myself and all my endeavors.