Gary, Indiana Chapter

Pamela Key is one of the founding members of the WOW organization. Pamela Key holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from Indiana University. She has over 25 years of experience in social work, and has completed research assessments on community issues such as housing, AIDS, and the needs of the elderly. She is currently a Social Worker at Sojourner Truth House in Gary, Indiana, where she serves as Case Management Coordinator, for the Case Management Department and Transitional Program Outreach Coordinator. Pam believes that she was called to go into all the world and spread the good news of Jesus to the least of these about the true and risen Savior. Each day is a day of opportunity to help someone to become better. Service is in her blood and she believes without a shadow of doubt that with God all things are possible. Through it all she has learned to trust and depend on God’s provision and trust in His Word for He who has promised is Faithful.

Diane is currently the Treasurer on the Gary, IN Chapter Boad of Directors. Diane has a MBA with a concentration in Accounting. Professionally, Diane is the manager database administrator for Sears Holdings Corporation in Hoffman Estates, IL Diane is a Scion of WOW as her older sister Jessica Cook is a founding member of WOW.

Over the years Diane has worked closely with the Alzheimer’s association, and her ultimate goal is to continue to be an advocate for seniors who are faced with Alzheimer. She love to pray for people's wellbeing. Although Diane prays for many people throughout the year; she loves to find one targeted individual to pray for throughout the year. Diane is the wife of Norman Lomax, Jr., and an honorary mother and aunt. Diane stands on Philippians 4:6 and 1John 5:14-15