Teaching with Bonnie Calkins

Name of Teaching: Zion - Our Destiny!

What is the significance of Zion? Who are the daughters of Zion? The Bible draws a prophetic line connecting Zion with the Melchiezedek Priesthood (our calling) and Zion.

Date and Time

Date: 6 weeks session beginning Feb 20

Time: Saturday mornings 9:30am-11am Pacific Standard Time.

Notes will be provided through email.


Speaker: Bonnie Calkins

Speaker: Pastor Paparao – Thoughts and Comments after the Teaching, Also, Information and updates on the Pastors serving in India

Facilitator: Hadassah Chao & Robin McCoy


Online class: To Meet through Zoom.

Zoom Instructions: Invitation will be sent prior to 1st Section. Teachings will be recorded for viewing later

Plan of Teaching

What is the significance of Zion?

Who are the daughters of Zion?
The Bible draws a prophetic line connecting Zion with the Melchiezedek Priesthood (our calling) and Zion.

Bonnie Bible ChartPastor Bonnie Calkins

6241 East Trail Drive, Anaheim Hills, Ca 92807
Website: bonniecalkins.org

Updated: 9/2/20
I attended Gordon College in Wenham, Mass. as a bible student under R.C. Sproul (1967-1969)

2005 – 2012: Study & Writing. One day out of each week I studied under Dorothy Ray (International Ministries). During this time I often visited with Wade Taylor (Parousia Ministries) for discussion and evaluation of my teachings. I served in Prison Ministry through Chaplain Dr. Warrick of Norco Prison. I began to have Meetings in my Home. (Many young people preparing for ministry) I began speaking in local churches and for various organizations such as, Love HOP Long Beach, Hispanic churches Corona, Korean Church Grace International Ministries Anaheim, Kalo Church Garden Grove, Vision Church Gardena, Christian Community Church Cerritos, Women Organizing Woman Inc., are a few.

2010 Licensed as a Minister in the state of California

2012 My teachings were Broadcast over 4 Satellites into the Muslim Countries through The Cross TV in Duarte, California. I had a weekly show and served on the Board of Directors with Gershom Sikaala and Dr. Michelle Corral.

2013 – 2014 I taught a one year series of at Sword of the Spirit International Ministries, in Bellflower, Ca. All messages were recorded and live-streamed.

2014 Ordained through Sword of the Spirit as a Pastor/Teacher

2014-2015 Established an organization called “Behind The Veil”, a Home Church, meeting in Corona, Ca. The Ministry was founded on Col. 1:28 “We proclaim Him, admonishing every man, and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ.” This ministry provided a platform for many to practice their gifts of Teaching, Leading, Spiritual Gifts and a safe place to grow in the things of the Lord. Many were ignited by the Holy Spirit to experience exponential growth!

March, April, May, and 2015, I taught at series called “The Millennial Kingdom Conference” for Healing Streams International Ministries in Moreno Valley. The teachings comprised The Bride of Christ, the Millennial Kingdom & Mount Zion, and Hidden Patterns in the Word.

2016 TV series for Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network. The Program name was “Inside The Bridal Chamber”. I also did a broadcast through a radio program launched by Equipping The Saints Radio.

2017 – 2020 Established a home church called Call To The Kingdom, a multicultural group of Pastors and Leaders from various local churches meeting weekly. I traveled to India to speak at a four day Pastors Conference held by Mission To the Nations directed by Dr. Paparao Yelchuri.

On a personal note:
I was one of eight children and grew up in wooded outskirts of the Philadelphia area. As a young child, I clearly remember family gatherings and overhearing an excitement in the adult conversation as they spoke of the coming of the Lord! “Jesus would be coming back to us soon!” I was a product of a long line of Pastors and Teachers, all of them intently looking for the return of the Lord.

As student at Gordon Bible College, I was greatly impacted by my Bible Professor Robert C Sproul, and his in-depth grasp of the Word, and ability through the Holy Spirit to convey the Living Word into the hearts of many. I later married, and have three beautiful children, from which I now have my five, precious grandchildren!

Today, my Passion and Love is the Lord Jesus and His Coming Reign on the earth! During an intense seven years of study and writing, the Holy Spirit has generously dropped in my spirit “New Manna” for those that have a burning desire to go further into His Presence and the Lord’s end-time purposes.

I am a licensed and ordained minister under Sword of the Spirit Power Ministries in Bellflower, California. My time is dedicated to mentoring young adults that are preparing for ministry, hosting meetings, teaching and study. “Come Lord Jesus!”

Bonnie’s Revelatory Teachings bring a fresh understanding to topics such as:
• The Bride of Christ – Who Is She?
• Seeing the Bride of Jesus in 3-D
• The Seven Spirits of God
• The Transfiguration of the Bride
• Bridal Oneness
• The Warrior Bride
• Foundations of the Bridal Coming
• The Secret Coming of Jesus to His Bride
• The Feast of Tabernacles and the Secret Coming of Jesus
• The Seven Churches and the Bride
• The Marriage Covenant
• The Big Picture of Time & Prophetic Clocks in the Word
• The Seven Days of Mankind
• Introduction to The Great Mount Zion
• The Prophetic Layers of Mount Zion
• Mt. Zion and the Millennial Reign of Christ
• The Lay Out of the End Time
• The Pattern of Mount Sinai and Mount Zion
• Jerusalem, Mount Zion, and the Kingdom
• Hidden Patterns in the Bible
• Patterns of Ascension
• The Tabernacle and the Body of Jesus
• The Tabernacle a Portal to the Third Heaven
• The Demonic City Babylon
• The New Jerusalem
• Creation of the Heavens and Earth

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